Types of Beef Ribs

We all love a good rib for dinner. Especially when this is beef ribs that are prepared the right way.

But, then you need to know the different types of beef ribs so that you purchase the right ones and that you are able to cook them correctly as well.

This is the problem that most people have. They don’t know the different types of beef ribs and they don’t know the correct cooking method for these ribs.

With this guide, you will know everything there is to know about beef ribs, including the different types of ribs and the different ways to prepare them.

The Importance of Knowing the Different Types of Beef Ribs

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Beef ribs are beef ribs and can be cooked the same way, right? No, this is where so many people are making the mistake. There are many different types of beef ribs, that are cut from different parts from a cow.  Why is it important to know the different types of beef ribs?

Some of the beef ribs are really hard to cook. Especially, if you are looking for moist and tender ribs. When you cook your ribs incorrectly, you are going to end up with ribs that are hard to eat, and really not as great as what you hoped it would be.

Some ribs are better cooked, while others are perfect for grilling and smoking. These ribs can be on the expensive side, and this is why you should make sure that you are getting value for money. And, the only way to get value for money is to purchase the right ribs for the right type of meal.

The Different Types of Beef Ribs

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There are three main types of beef ribs that you can purchase. And, if you understand the three basic ribs, you will be able to understand which ones to use for which meal best. These are some of the information you need to know about the different types of beef ribs.

  • The beef back rib. This is the rib that is cut from the outside of prime rib. It normally consists out of 6 or 7 bones. Most of the time these ribs are cut individually and also sold individually. The meat is between the ribs because the butcher is making sure that he cuts enough meat off the rib for the roast. This is also one of the reasons why not many people don’t like these ribs. You are basically paying for more bone than meat.
  • Plate short rib. If you want to have a rib that is full of meat, then you should purchase the plate short rib. This is normally just a three-rib piece of meat that they are selling. However, this is meaty enough to feed a family. The plate short rib is cut from the plate primal behind the forequarters and near the belly of the steer. This is one of the most popular ribs and they are tender and juicy. This is also the most expensive beef rib that you can purchase.
  • Chuck short rib. This is a similar cut to the plate short rib. Also, with lots of meat on, but with a smaller bone. This rib is cut from the ribs 1 through 5 under the neck of the cow. This is why the bones are so much smaller. These ribs are usually just three to four inches long.

What is the Best Cooking Method for Each of These Different Beef Ribs?

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Now you know the different types of beef ribs that you can purchase and cook. But, what cooking method is best for each type of beef rib? With this guide, you will not prepare the wrong rib for the wrong meal again.

  • The beef back rib. This is the ribs that you would want to cook on the grill or even smoke. They do cook well on a grill. These ribs will taste really great when you are grilling it in a BBQ marinade or a sparerib marinade. It might come as a surprise, but this is the rib that is cooked the fastest.
  • The plate short rib. Slow and steady. This is the key to have the best-tasting ribs. These ribs don’t need to be marinated. A simple salt and pepper rub are all that it needs. If you have a smoker, this is the perfect rib for the smoker.
  • The Chuck short rib. Because of all the meat on this rib, it can be cooked with a marinade on a grill, or in a smoker. These ribs are versatile when it comes to cooking it. You can basically cook it, with using any method and it can be juicy and tender.

Now you know the different types of beef ribs. And, you know how to cook them correctly. There are way too many people that are purchasing beef ribs and not knowing which type of rib they are actually purchasing. Or, they don’t know how to prepare it correctly. Now, you won’t have that problem anymore.

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