The Best Brand of Pellets for Smoking in 2020


Finding the best brand of pellets for smoking is not too hard. Especially when smoking pellets are used widely as an alternative for charcoal and gas nowadays.

In this article, we will give you the most 6 common types of smoking pellets and the top 6 brands that produce them. Besides, you can also learn some tips to buy good quality products.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Then let’s get started!

6 main types of pellets for smoking

pellets for smoking chicken

The best brand of pellets for smoking will provide various types of products. Each type will suit different kinds of meat that you grill. Therefore, it is important to know the exact kinds of smoking pellets needed.


Oak smoking pellets are often soft and mellow. When they are burned, they will create a good smoke that can improve the taste of some smelly food such as fish or beef.


Maple smoking pellets are used to make the meat sweeter. Thus, it is suitable for pork, beef, chicken, and turkey.


pellets for smoking meat

Alder pellets are commonly chosen because it works well with all meat types. No matter if your meat is chicken, lamb, turkey or fish, the alder smoker pellets can keep the fresh taste while infusing a good flavor to them. 


If you want to reduce the burning smell of the grilled pork and beef, choosing the smoking pellets made of pecan is not a bad idea.


If you often do the grilling, you should use hickory pellets. These pellets are suitable for any kind of cattle meat like pork, beef, chicken. 


Mesquite pellets are always used to improve the natural flavor and reduce the fish smelly smell. Thus, this smoker pellets type is the greatest option for grilling seafood.

Top 6 best brands of pellets for smoking

We have summed up and made a list of top 6 providers that sell good quality smoker items. Scroll down to read now and you may find your best brand of pellets for smoking.

#1 Rec Tec – “Smart Grill” Technology

The Best Brand of Pellets for Smoking 2020

Rec Tec 

Established since 2008, this brand has become famous quickly and is now one of the greatest providers of grilling and smoking products in the market. 

From the very beginning, Rec Tec always wants to help its customers to be able to conquer the heating process while grilling. Therefore, this company always produces high-quality items with its “Smart Grill” technology. 

You may wonder why you should buy smoking pellets from this brand, right? Rec Tec’s pellets are often made of blended hardwood. As a sequence, they can give the sweet smoke while grilling. Using these pellets, you can rest assured about your meat’s flavor.

#2 Traeger – “Wifire” Technology

The Best Brand of Pellets for Smoking in 2020


Traeger grill started its business in 1986 and is now the top brand manufacturing grilling items. 

With the special “Wifire” technology, this company helps optimize the energy that its products create. More specifically, every Traeger’s smoker pellets will be fully burned to make sure the greatest taste and flavor for the food.

Why are this company’s products trustable? This firm has spent more than 30 years to devise a perfect structure of its hardwood which can support a reliable burn during grilling. Besides, its smoker pellets are designed to avoid moisture firmly, resulting in extra durability.

#3 Camp Chef – Great For Cooking Outdoor

The Best Brand of Pellets for Smoking

Camp Chef

Camp Chef is also known as a famous company that produces high-quality cooking equipment. Over 30 years on the market since the opening of 1990, this firm has brought to users many handy supports for outdoor cooking.

Unlike pellets from other normal brands, Camp Chef’s pellets for smoking are not mixed with oils or chemicals but 100% pure hardwood. Before packing, this firm dries these hardwood pieces to reduce the amount of moisture. So that the pellets can maintain the temperature during burning.

#4 CookinPellets – Bulk Premium Pellets

The Best Brand of Pellets for Smoking 2020


In 2004, the CookinPellets built a small mill to produce different types of woods and combine them. After 10 years in business, this company has become a high-rated provider of cooking tools and still maintained its position on the market till now. 

The smoking pellets of this company always provide a good long burn. Due to this reason, the meat will have time to be well cooked, giving you a fresh and good taste. Moreover, Cookinpellets also sells bulk premium pellets if you often go grilling.

#5 Pit Boss Grills – Bigger, Hotter, Heavier

The Best Brand of Pellets for Smoking in 2020

Pit Boss Grills

Founded in 1999, this company approaches the top provider of grilling accessories on the market quickly due to its good quality products.

Over 21 years, this brand has done a lot of experiments to make the greatest smoking pellets. Due to the ability to keep a hot temperature while grilling, these items can support all types of big and heavy meat.

Especially, these pellets are made from 100% natural woods native to North America in order to make sure about the safety of your food.

#6 Lumber Jack – Good Quality For Good Taste

The Best Brand of Pellets for Smoking

Lumber Jack

Although Lumber Jack has just been established for over 4 years since 2016, it receives many good recommendations from the cooking lover community and soon becomes a famous brand for smoking pellets.

You may wonder why it gained popularity so quickly? In order to be trustable, Lumber Jack has to provide high-quality pellets. While other normal pellets are taken from leftover sawdust of furniture manufacturing plants, Lumber Jack’s ones are 100% natural. In spite of the high price, this company’s pellets will show you the specialty in the taste of the food.

Buying guide

pellets for smoking salmon

There are many criteria to evaluate the quality of the pellets. How can you know that they are safe to use? How can you get the right one? Don’t worry because we will help you with this buying guide.

The less ash the better

During burning, if you see a high amount of ash, that means these wood pellets don’t work well. Because the ashes can trap moisture, so the hot temperature can not last long. As a sequence, you are not able to make the meats well-done.

To keep the smoker always on fire, we recommend you to choose the smoking pellets that have low ash content.

The wood pellets should be 100% natural

pellets for smoking brisket

In spite of the fact that mixed pellets can keep the fire better, the smoke that they create is not safe for the food. Why is it not safe? To put it simply, you already know that the chemical mixed with wood will create bad smokes while being burned, right? These bad smokes may soak into the meat and make them unhealthy to eat.

Regardless of the price, you should buy any pellets that are 100% natural. Grilling may be fun, but taking care of your health is also necessary, isn’t it?


These companies above always sell the greatest quality of wood smoker pellets. Have you chosen your best brand of pellets for smoking?

Hopefully, after this topic, you will understand all types of pellets and be able to buy the right product for smoking.

And lastly, we want to say many thanks to you for reading this article! We wish you a nice day!

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